The Aha Moment That Leveled up My Confidence 

Last year I had a major aha moment and it completely changed the way I move through life. As a result of making a conscious decision to be more obedient to the voice of God, I experienced a sudden manifestation of things I was dreaming and praying about. I’m talking about the kind of dreams and goals that typically take a while to manifest. Within that moment of realization, I promised God that I would intentionally answer whenever He called and take action on every single assignment He sent. I was committed to PUT FEAR ON A LEASH and step out of my comfort zone toward a journey into the unknown. Committing to move away from what feels safe and familiar has required TOTAL trust in God as my Navigator. My motivation to move comes from knowing that the place He has called me to occupy is far greater than where I’d remain.

Honestly speaking, getting out of my comfort zone without thinking twice is scary but what scares me more is getting to the end of my life with regrets of not answering God’s call or experiencing all His plans and promises. Did you know that the big dreams and desires we have are like seeds planted by God? We already have everything we need to cultivate those seeds and produce greatness, but we have to do our part which is simply answering the call.
Saying yes every time God calls may seem like a far-fetched idea and you’re probably thinking, “Marisa you don’t answer every call do you?” I will say this, fear and doubt will always try to get us to ignore the call BUT here are a few ways I’ve learned to put fear on a leash and answer the call despite my feelings.

Realize that your blessings are tied to your obedience.

Timing is everything but God’s timing is EVERYTHING! Saying “yes” and moving ahead on purpose to fulfill your “purpose” is like a domino effect. It only takes one domino to fall and set off a chain reaction. Your blessings are waiting to manifest and like dominos ready to fall into your possession. God has already done His part, He’s lined up your blessings so now you have to do your part by saying “yes” and leaning into your purpose. 


Remember that the blessings of other people are also tied to your obedience.

Your purpose transcends personal gain and people are waiting for you to show up and be your authentic self to be a blessing to them. Now, this was an eye-opener for me and enough motivation to get my life in order! Simply put, we are blessed to be a blessing to others. So if we are not in a position to receive God’s blessings and live the abundant life He freely gives, how can we truly be a blessing to others? 


Remember that if He called you He has already qualified you.  

If God is calling you to do something or go somewhere that seems beyond what feels attainable just remember that He is THE QUALIFIER. He has already equipped you with everything you need to fulfill the assignment and it’s okay if no one else understands your calling. As this quote says, “Noone else is supposed to understand your calling, it wasn’t a conference call.” 

So next time you get that call to leave your comfort zone just say “yes” because God is waiting for you, people are waiting for you and your future self is waiting for you.